“​​On all levels, it was easy to work with David and a real pleasure too. He was always willing to listen patiently and find a way to satisfy my customers. He always came up with powerful but not flashy designs and great ideas to match our needs. I am very happy with the results. I would gladly work with him again.”
“Easy to work with, very creative and gets straight to the point. Keeps it professional all the time and always on schedule.”
Solver club
“When we worked with him, it was clearly visible that his mission was to preform way above what we asked for - because he didn’t stop until his creation was perfect. David gives an incredibly fast and efficient service. I could pitch an idea one evening and could consider it done in the next. I am so thankful for his work and help to our project.”
“He is a very talented designer and brings a level of professionalism that is hard to match. loves to get as many details as possible in order to deliver the right product, and he brings a simple but powerful vision that creates a clean, professional result. I am very positive he would be beneficial to every company that will hire his services.”
“Visual Need is one of the most professional designers we’ve ever worked with. He provide an instant answer, always available for the minor changes and give an amazing results. David is always full of creative ideas. We strongly recommend of their service!”
“David is one of the most talented designers I have ever worked with. His ideas are so innovative and clean, he takes care of the customer in the most professional way, listening and caring for every aspect of your ideas and wanted results. I would recommend Visual Need for anyone looking to perfect his designs and branding”
“Highly recommend! I ordered two designs for my releases, And David nailed it.
I received two Artworks with special designs, from the initial painting to the post-painting - very high level!
It's fun to talk to him, ask and consult.”
“David is a professional and courteous designer, in my experience in a variety of jobs with him! Attentive ear, professionalism and fast output.”
Danny katz
“I like the style of the works you have made, it’s unique, something I haven’t seen until I met you.
Also I have the benefit to work with one the most communicative, friendly persons I know.”